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Sep 30, 2012 4:00pm PDT
it over to first our executive 5n5nxzof nancy miller and we are joined by the assistant general manager, barbara hale but i want to simply note that we hit a pretty important milestone in the history of lafco here in san francisco. this past tuesday we have a final vote at the board of supervisors, an eight-three vote on community aggregation which allows the clean power program to move forward. certainly the first phase of that program, and i want to begin by thanking all of the members of the lafco, the commission who are here today and have been working on this for so many /)n)eí/years. of c our vice chair, commissioner avalos, one the newest members and commissioner olague and commissioner shelt -- schmeltzer and i want to thank you for your insight and that this program was done in the right way and we keep the various agencies accountable and i want to thank you for that, and i also want to thank our fab fabulous lafco staff. it took a lot of work behind the scenes and they're always ready to do what had to be done and of course this wouldn't be possible without the amazing w
Sep 12, 2012 11:30am PDT
of the amazing lafco staff. we have our executive officer, nancy miller, as well as jason freed, who have put in many hours and have done a tremendous job moving this item forward. let me be honest about community choice aggregation and specifically the program that is before you. i don't believe that this program will answer all the world's problems but i also don't believe it will create them. i think it is important for us as we hear this item, hear some of the public comment that's about to take place that we put things in context. we as a board have taken a position in the last few years. in 2007 we outlined -- we passed an ordinance that set out some really ambitious objectives with respect to community choice aggregation. puc and lafco have worked diligently to meet those objectives as much as possible but we have learned certain lessons. one is the ambitious objectives first set out by the board meetings were not attainable. the program that is before you is a program i believe, and as you will see by the presentation and puc, is as good a program as we can put together. this is a phr
Sep 18, 2012 6:30pm PDT
, for their great work. also, for the staff, for lafco, nancy miller, and jason freid for all the great work together, the sponsor of this work today, supervisor campos, who has picked up the baton from ross mirkarimi, who picked it up from tom ammiano, for many, many years, this resolution, this appropriation, ordinance, have been in the making. and i'm very excited that we are here today to really put teeth to our goals on climate change. san francisco, as the general manager said, has ambitious goals around greenhouse gas emissions and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2012. we're actually supposed to be at 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. actually that's by the year 2017 we're supposed to be at 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. by 2025 we're supposed to be at 40% reduction and by 2050, 80%. as the general manager says there is no other program we have that's actually going to do the work to get there. and we are actually a city whose population vastly understands that global warming is a reality, that climate change is a reality. and of that vast majority t
Sep 12, 2012 2:30pm PDT
all of our city departments for their work on this effort. nancy miller, jason freedom for their work through lafco as well, thank you. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor kim. >> thank you. i think maybe we maybe need to make a clarification. we made two motions to amend. the first was on what supervisor campos asked, specifically on page eight. the line 15 and two including in that proposalal discount for low income customers. when the rate fairness board provides proposal onto the sfpuc and board of supervisors and second amendment on page 16. the further be it resolved the board of supervisors supports an appropriate discount for sfpc customers and resolve the sfpc take an outreach campaign in multiple languages with a particular folks us on multilingual communities and then the recommendations made by our budget and legislative analysts. i think this was a really tough issue and complex issue for many of us. we all support clean power, clean energy. of course we weren't able to meet all of the goals we had set several years ago, but i think the p.u.c. did an incredible amount of
Sep 18, 2012 3:00pm PDT
and advocating and advising on this, besides our great puc staff, and our lafco staff, nancy miller, and jason greed a freid as well. i've been listening to the senior organizations, low income people groups and community based organizations input, as well as the electrical workers. we've been communicated to by hunter stern and ibiew on a number of issues. as a father, i want to see a clean air future, clean greener future for my daughter and the future generation. and melanie nutter, head of the department of the environment is here, that we have tremendously ambitious climate action plan goals. and as ed harrington said a moment ago, this will help us at least make a dent on kind of the huge challenge before us, to clean our air, and to make a clean energy future for all san franciscans. that's why i -- that's why, as a member of lafco over the years, since 2009, i've been strongly supportive of coming up with the best possible contract in plan. i wish we had more contractors that put in for this but as ed harrington said we're doing our best with what we have and it should be a good step f
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)